Teeshirts for festivals

Whilst Qtees primarily focuses on supplying shirts for the small order niche, we can also deliver on larger quantities.

We can provide options around shirts and sweaters – and printing – for small festival clothing and merchandise, aimed at items for sale or simply for festival staff to wear.

Options in terms of printed festival teeshirts include, for instance:

  • Teeshirts featuring social media profiles;
  • Teeshirts featuring a simplified map for the festival site;
  • Polo shirts featuring important festival information, such as lost and found numbers; and
  • Sweaters featuring the wearer’s staff role.

And there’s clearly no limit to the type of festival that promotional shirts might be useful for:

  • Local street festivals;
  • City council events;
  • Small music festivals;
  • Regional food events;
  • Cultural gatherings; and
  • End of term school festivals

And these are just a few of the possible uses you can put a small order of festival teeshirts to.

Contact Qtees for more information and to get an idea of options we can provide.