Give-away t-shirts

Why use t-shirts as give-away items?

The aim with a give-away is simply to have individuals, whether customers or not, deliver an element of your marketing for you, at the minimal cost of a short run of t-shirts.

Before your event

Give-aways before your event can help to publicise it in advance, both through a “get a free t-shirt from us” approach in early marketing, social media and press releases, and also by simply having your event attendees wearing promotional clothing before the event – passively publicising on your behalf.  Everyone wins!

After your event

And after your event, say a week or two later, you can follow up with a give-away for those who didn’t get on beforehand or during the event.  That way you’re reinforcing your brand, and the success of the event, whilst again gaining from passive publicity as your supporters wear their freebies.

And don’t forget: On the day, as people leave, you can also give some out as a feel-good bit of marketing.