Band shirts

In a local band, playing the pub circuit?  Launching your latest release?  Or are you planning a full-blown Australian tour?

To make an impact with fans, it’s important to give them custom band merchandise so they can support you, and help spread the word about you.

Custom t shirts are one of the standards for getting people to pay attention, but it’s traditionally been difficult to manage the cost because of minimum quantities imposed by large-scale printers.

That’s where Qtees can help.

Low priced band t shirts but still with good quality…?

If you’re just starting out and have a tight budget you can still have your own band t shirts – and we can help put it together for you.

The best way to cut down the cost is to go for a single colour print in one position on the t shirts (what the trade calls single color and single impression).

There’s nothing to stop you going for multiple colour printing, but if cost is an issue, single colour t shirts are the way to go.

How about other custom options?

There are plenty of options – sleeve printing, for example.  But remember that adding print to sleeves, the bottom or the back of the t shirt, along with adding extra colours, means the shirts need to run through the printing machines multiple times, meaning more time to produce, which in turn adds to the overall t shirt price.

We’d suggest that as a starting point for custom band t shirts, go for white print on a unisex black t shirt.

But we can print pretty much anything, anywhere, so talk to us to find out more.

How many, or how few, custom t shirts can Qtees produce?

In terms of quantity, you wouldn’t realistically want to go for less than 10 t shirts.

We can do smaller amounts, but we’ve found that clients end up having to do repeat orders, and that’s an unnecessary loss of time and effort at your end.

Sounds good – what’s the next step?

Talk to us: Qtees have reps in Perth – send us an email and the closest rep will get in touch.

Artwork: As a first step, before we talk, read through the t shirt artwork requirements; you’ll need to be on top of the best formats.