Tshirt artwork specs

Tshirt artwork format is important.

We can’t stress that enough.  We’ve had clients send us images in .jpg and .gif, saying that they want the image printed full-size on a tshirt.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t work, because the original image in that case just can’t produce the necessary quality for a final print.

So what format should my tshirt artwork be?

To get the best quality print, you’ll need to provide artwork in a vector format or – not as good but just about okay – high resolution jpg.

Why vector art?

The short answer is: Vector artwork is scaleable in ways that pixel-based artwork isn’t.

Vector art is usually drawn in software like Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw.  Common files extensions for vector artwork are as follows and these are Qtees preferred formats:

  • Adobe Illustrator – .ai or .eps
  • Adobe – .pdf (but you must flatten all artwork and fonts when you make the .pdf)
  • Corel Draw – .cdr

What if I can’t provide the right format or quality images for printing?

It makes things quicker if you can provide artwork in the formats above but, if you can’t, our art/graphic design team should be able to help with getting things sorted out for you.