Tee shirts for events

Promotional tee shirts for your events

So you have an event coming up – a charity run or marathon, a company picnic, or even simply a family reunion.

Qtees can help you create memories, market your event, and promote your brand with custom-printed small order tee shirts.

Why try tee shirts for events marketing?

Creating a quality tee shirt for an event can serve as a reminder of the event for years to come, and can act as pre-promotion for the next event as well.

And if you’re looking at a family reunion or a social gathering, visible promotions like tee shirts can add help attendees feel that sense of community that we all look for.

Tee shirts can also be offered as prizes and give-aways, whether aimed at a company‚Äôs products or simply as a ‘thank you’ to attendees.

Pre- and post-event promotion

As we’ve outlined on our tee shirt give-aways page, you can use small orders to get people wearing promo tee shirts before your event, thereby doing some of your marketing for you.

And you can give them away at the end of an event, as a feel-good farewell item, or a couple of weeks later as a reminder to attendees that they had a great time.